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Leading role at Bees Abroad UK Ltd

Bees Abroad is a small UK based charity that run a team of project managers who take their beekeeping skills abroad (mainly Africa) to help alleviate poverty. On 23rd April 2015,  Mr John Home will stand down as Chairman to take up another role within our team of Trustees.  This provides a great opportunity for some one else to take over reins and work with the trustees to steer Bees Abroad into it’s next phase of development.  We are looking for someone with management skills who can help shape our future, run a great committee and work as part of our team.   This role will be supported by a strong team of trustees who all play their part in running different aspects of the charity, so who ever takes over can be assured of a gentle introduction and lots of help to steer the ship.

Attached is a job specification  that outlines the role of Chairman.  I was wondering if you would be kind enough to forward this to your members?  Please do ask anyone who may be interested to get in touch.

Best regards
Veronica Brown
tel:  0117 230 0231

Registered Charity No: 1108464
mailing address:  PO Box 2058, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 9AF

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