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Make an Asian Hornet Trap, 25 Feb, Churchill 7.30pm – 9pm

An Asian Hornet Trap Workshop will take place at Churchill War Memorial Hall on Monday 25 February 2019 between 7.30pm – 9pm.

As a Club, we cannot over emphasise the importance of using a daily monitoring trap (at your home/apiary) to trap Asian Hornets within our area. Unless we know that Asian Hornets are about, we cannot combat them. Fingers crossed, we might find nothing but…...

Details of the monitoring trap can be downloaded HERE.

Please come to the Workshop. We can supply all materials but would ask you bring what you can from the list at the top of monitoring trap document linked to above, particularly a 2 litre plastic bottle – look for pop or fizzy water bottles which have ridged sides with the bottom section marginally wider than the middle.

Any questions, call John Banks 07778 519983


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