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Microscopy Course

Are you interested?

We are considering putting on a microscopy course next year run by Stephen Brain and others. However in order to make it viable there must be a commitment to complete the course from a sufficient number of people.

Stephen explains:

‘At the moment we are looking at commencing early 2016 and meeting approximately every 2 weeks until October or the BBKA Microscopy exam date. (We are looking at 15 – 20 sessions in total). There will be homework between sessions which themselves will be both practical and theoretical in nature. Students will have to purchase/obtain their own equipment so there are costs involved in addition to the course running expenses.’

If you would like to consider joining the course or would like to find out more then we are running an information evening at Kenn Village Hall  (Kenn Street BS21 6TN)  on Tuesday 6th October starting 7.30pm. This will explain in more detail what is involved and will assess the potential interest from members in the BBKA Avon association.

Details about the BBKA microscopy syllabus can be found here

This will be an open meeting for any Avon member and there is no need to sign up, although it would be useful to get an idea  of interested members, BUT should you be interested in the course and unable to get to the meeting could you please let me know via the contact page here (Education Co-Ordinator Rob) .

Rob Francis

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