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National Honey Show – Thursday 30th October to Saturday 1st November

To be held at St Georges College, Weybridge

  1. Booking for workshops is now open Our on line booking system can be accessed at you don’t have access to the internet, ask at your local library, most libraries now have internet facilities.
  2. The National Honey Show Schedule is also now available. Members should have received their copies in the post. It can also be accessed online at:

  1. We’ll be launching the revised series of National Honey Show Booklets in the Exhibition Hall at 2.30pm on Thursday. The revised booklets are:Preparation of Liquid Honey & Judging Honey in the Jar Mead and Meadmaking
    Wax for Show
    Granulated or Crystallised HoneyProduction and Exhibition of Comb Honey & Comb Honey for Show Management, Production and Exhibition of Heather Honey
    The study of Pollen
    Showing Honey Products

    Candles for Show
    History of The National Honey Show

    The booklets will be available all three days in the Trade Hall at £3.50 each.

  2. National Honey Show Leaflets and Raffle TicketsIf you have a local meeting, county show or other event before the end of October, please e-mail and let us know how many of our latest leaflets, and raffle (in support of the lecture videos) ticket booklets you can display, and the address to send them to. Thanks.
  3. Daily Programme for the ShowPrinted copies will be available each day, but can be accessed on line now, and between now and the Show will be updated regularly with any new information:Thursday Friday Saturday

Look forward to seeing you there!

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