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Emergency Derogations: an Evidence-based Review The linked PDF, written in easy-to-understand language sets out to examine the requests for derogations to the current neonicotinoid embargo and comes to the following conclusions This report argues that:

1. This danger (of reduced crop yields and the inability to control pests by other means) was not evidenced in the 2015 application.

2. Information has since emerged showing the actual risks were less than what was stated by the NFU in 2015 and that those risks could be controlled in other ways.

3. The moratorium should therefore continue in full and the current 2016 application for derogation be rejected. It appears that the chemical companies are asked to give evidence in helping to break the embargo on their own products! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The report is very interesting, well worth a read and fully referenced for further exploration. Whether you think that the reports surrounding neonicotinoids are a nonsense, or threaten pollinators, please lend your voice toward greater understanding and more science – pester your Member of Parliament.

Adrian Wells North Somerset Beekeepers Swarm Manager

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