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Roofers Required

If it is dry I would like to get the felt put on the shed roof at the apiary this Saturday (18 May). This is the last big job that needs doing and one I cannot do single-handed. It will not need hundreds of people, but if you could turn up to help it should not take very long.
The felt needs sticking down and it is a bit of a messy job so old clothes and rubber gloves recommended; if you can bring a stepladder or short ladder it would help, a hammer and a really knackered old paint brush are the only other tools that we might need a few of.
If there are enough people I would also like to dig a bit of a pit so we can semi sink the bath. Spades and picks needed for this.

Meet at Brockley at 10am Sat 18th, if the weather looks dodgy I will post on twitter and website.

Thank You

David Capon – Apiary Manager

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