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Self Directed Learning Groups for BBKA Modules

It is not currently possible to find tutors do deliver BBKA Modules. The demand far exceeds the BBKAs capacity to provide tutors.

A good way round this is for members themselves to form their own groups for a specific module – setting up a Self Directed Learning Group – to individually take the correspondence course and meet together on a regular basis to support each other with the knowledge gained.

The correspondence courses are well structured. It is possible to take them on your own – but the extra motivation, support, enjoyment and learning opportunities that come with a learning group can be considerable.

As the education coordinator I would like to provide the opportunity for groups to set up should there be the demand.

There are two members of the branch who would like to take Honey Bee Management: Module 1. If there are other members who would also wish to take this module during the winter months then let me know. What I will then do is arrange an initial meeting with those interested in setting the group up and go from there.

Details of the modules and assessments can be found here

Details about the correspondence courses is here

I expect the group would probably meet 4 or 5 times during the course – but this will obviously depend on the group.

Honey Bee Management Module 1. Please contact me if you would like to take this or discuss it (the exam would be at the end of March). It could be there will be members who would like to take the course without sitting the exam – which would be fine.

Should you wish to be involved in setting up a group for any of the other modules then let me know by contacting me here.

Rob Francis

Education Coordinator

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