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Study Groups This Winter – Ivor Davis

Once again we are running a number of study groups this winter which are based around the BBKA examinations but are not only intended for those taking examinations. The idea is that the groups will discuss different aspects of bees and beekeeping with an expert and the group will learn a bit more about our fascinating hobby.

Feedback from previous years suggests that these are very enjoyable evenings and help our beekeeping to become better. And, if you want to, there is the opportunity of taking an examination after the course to see how much you have learnt!

Steve Brain is again running his successful BASIC course to help us move from the first year of beekeeping forward and we hope that everyone will attempt the BASIC Assessment afterwards. The good news is that the pass rate is about 99% and passing shows that you are competent at keeping your bees safely.

Tom Salter will be running a group to study bee forage and products of the hive. This equates to module 2 of the BBKA Examinations.

The subject matter is very interesting and will help you in your honey extraction, preparation and storage. You will also learn a lot about the interaction between plants and bees and how this vital pollination service operates.

I will be running a group looking at general management, health and history which equates to module 8 in the BBKA Exam system. We will discuss some of the background to beekeeping today and also look at optimising the health of you colonies (not particularly discussing disease but how to avoid you bees getting ill).

Everyone is welcome to come to any of the courses. The courses are all subsidised by the Branch but there is a small charge of £10 for each of the courses.

More details are on the Education page of this site

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