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Swarms and swarm collectors

Hi All,

Those that would like to be included in the swarm collectors list or require a swarm this year please send me a WhatsApp request to “Swarm Collectors”,  or text me on 07 847 015 155 (you will need a smartphone).

Those requiring swarms should note that they are usually collected from the site in a cardboard box so that there is no need to exchange equipment. With this in mind a means of transport should be coincided (closing the box with tape is usually sufficient). I prefer that collections are made after dusk to ensure that the maximum number of bees are removed from the site.

 If you are a new bee keeper please check with your mentor before taking on a swarm.

 Those wishing to tag along to see how it’s done are very welcome (you will need to sign up of course). Ensure that you turn up with a veil etc. These are mainly for the benefit of the public (although normally very docile, I have experienced some very aggressive swarms), and since you are there, you might as well get the full experience and get your hands dirty! 😉

If you want to take a swarm away, be sure that you bring your own box.

 Kind regards

Adrian Wells

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