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If you have a swarm of Honeybees and live in North Somerset please call our dedicated swarm line:-

01934 518 014 or 07847 015 155

Honey bee swarm

Honey bee swarm





Honey bee swarmWaspBumblebee

Before you call, please be sure that you have a swarm of honeybees. A swarm is very distinctive, and some examples can be seen here

If your bees are fat, hairy and slow flying, you may have a bumblebee nest! see here

Or if fast, yellow & black, you may have a wasp nest! see here

For further swarm identification guidance see the British Bee-keeping Association website here

Wondering what happens when the beekeeper arrives?  Here’s a video made by our education officer Rob Francis

If you don’t have honey bees, one of our members, Phil Clemente is also a pest control officer, trained to destroy wasps, rats, mice etc and offers very good rates – Call Phil on 07957 855841 to discuss.

Bees, wasps and ants are all related, and belong to the family Hymenoptera (Hymen=membrane ptera=wing) with fascinating natural histories. The honeybee is possibly the most highly evolved insect on the planet, with other members of the family not far behind; all worthy of closer inspection.

There is a wealth of information on the internet, but you may find the following links interesting starting points:-

Honey bees
Bumblebee conservation trust
Bees, Wasps & Ants

For more information about honey bees, contact our Education Officer, Rob Francis