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Woodworking with Philip Clemente & Stephen Brain

As mentioned at the AGM, Stephen Brain and myself are planning to hold a woodworking session again (planned for 2014).  This proved most successful in the past, and everyone was pleased with what they had made.  We can make the same items again i.e. nuc hives, feeders, dummy boards etc; but this time I would also like to make (depending on how many of you are interested) a large solar extractor, and perhaps a warming cabinet.

For those who did not attend last time, Stephen and I cut all the materials to size, and together with one or two others, assist you in assembling.

In so far as the solar extractor is concerned, the most expensive parts are the metal ones, I therefore propose to hawk this around to various tin bashers I know to the the best prices (Masimore wee asking £201.44 in 2012) I will get prices of stainless steel and for aluminium.

Due to the popularity of these sessions I would suggest you register your interest, together with what you would like to make as soon as possible… my details are in the members section.

Philip Clemente

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